IR Podcasts

Below you find a list of interesting IR (International Relations) Podcasts with a short description. Links to iTunes.

  • Brookings Institution. General podcast about politics, both domestic and international. Often the podcasts include recorded live events at Brookings, a major think tank in the US.
  • Carnegie Council Podcast. Another global politics podcast, often with sessions and speakers from various government agencies, authors or officials (from the UN). Topics range from „the ethics of war and peace, to the place of religion in politics, to issues at the forefront of global social justice.“
  • Foreign Policy Magazine has actually three different podcasts. FP’s Global thinkers is hosted by the magazine team and often brings together influential thought-leaders and intellectuals to debate present day topics. FP’s Backstory brings together editors and writers to deeply dig into stories. Haven’t checked out this one because the topics did not interest me so far but there are only just a few episodes with more to come. Finally, The Editors Roundtable, where FP CEO David Rothkopf discusses US politics with a regular panel consisting of Rosa Brooks and Kori Schake. They deal, often in a humorous way with „the big issues of the day with emergency room-like urgency and some mayhem“. According to David Rothkopf, only 5 person listen to the podcast but I’am happy to be one of them 😉
  • Körber Stiftung Podcast. A german podcast from the Körber Foundation Think Tank. Topics include all aspects of politics and often there are distinguished speakers from german politics. The podcast often include recorded live events ad Förber Forum.
  • War on the rocks is a hard „security“ podcast about security, defense and foreign policy issues, „recorded over drinks“. I haven’t listened to many episodes but is generally interesting. Podcasts cover a wide range of national security topics such as hacking, tensions with Russia, national security strategies, military reform, the islamic state, asian maritime security and much more.
  • Blogs of War – Covert Contact , hosted by Stuart Little (CNN, BBC, CBC, ABC, PBS and more) covers national security, intelligence and technology stories. It is more on the tech side of thinks which I like. It deals with ISIS, intelligence agencies, UAVs, AI, automated machines for war and much more. Also, often about 30 minutes long, so nice small packets for a bus-ride.
  • Deutschlandfunk – Essay und Diskurs. A German podcast by Deutschland Funk news radio (the only worthwhile radio station to listen in Germany…). Topics are even wider, including general social philosophical issues like digital work, realism, philosophy, nature and social life. It is not the classical interview-style podcast but often includes read essays.
  • European Council on Foreign Relations (german, english and french), dealing with European foreign policy. It covers predominantly on Germany and Europe and includes distinguished politicians and authors.
  • Scobel. Scobel is the only remaining show on German television featuring an intellectual Gert Scobel who often invites scientists to talk about controversial and future topics (eugenics, peace, cybernetics, ethics, legalization of drugs, aging & illness). It is not a classical IR or politics podcast but more on the science side of things but I like the discussions very much because they are in stark contrast to the ape-cage scenarios in other German talk-shows. There are often book reviews too, which is quite nice and short.

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