Data retention strikes back…

Today it became public, that the data retention is not just a matter in Europe but also in the US. In the name of counterterrorism (of course!), the NSA collected data from Verizon about their customers phone connections. While covert data retention is quite big (think privacy and civil liberties), at least it was based on a court order (which, since 9/11 is not always the standard procedure anymore). Meanwhile, a blacklist from the Department of Homeland Security became public, which illustrates the words you should not use in your Internet-communication or you might be falsely accused of terrorism.

Good news though! While „pork“ and „swine“ is on the list, the holy word „bacon“ is spared. However, if you have „hazardous bacon power crash“ on the menu, you might get special surprise agents for dinner. Bad times for the guys from all american Epic Meal Time who use labels like this constantly to name their „grande cuisine“. Jokes aside, it is quite enlightening to compare this with Chinese blacklists which, in comparison, seems quite „liberal“. It is fascinating, what we (or our governments) are afraid of nowadays. Of course, everything not in line with the party is forbidden, which is quite a bad thing and still represents the most sophisticated internet monitoring technology, but at least they would allow pork.

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