press review June 13

It happens to me quite often, that my daily newspaper reading is quite depressing. It seems to be the common motive of press news, that they are almost always negative. Sure, catastrophes sell and dramatic news and big stories generate more income, I know, I know. However, I’m looking forward to the day when the first headline is „today nothing bad happened“… Not gonna happen. What also disturbs me is the social media discourse nowadays. People engage in political news on Facebook and Twitter all the time which is great but they are doing it one topic at the time. As a political scientist I’m interested in more general, systematic trends and for that I want to look at the big picture. Therefore it is necessary to correlate multiple development in world politics. This is the aim of my new project „press reviews“ which I’m starting today with this topic.

Todays topic: grim times for democracy

  • German Newspapers debate about the question, where Whistleblower Edward Snowden is instead on focusing on the impact he made with his leaks. We talk about the person, not about a content and its consequences. This reminds experienced observers of slander campaigns in other, less democratic countries. Honestly, I do not care were he is: I care about what he has to say. Secret Services all around the world are LYING to their people, that is why the NSA removed its „surveillance info page“ because the information there were simply a lie.
  • The US supreme court reduced voting rights for black people by simply claiming: there is no more racism and discrimination, therefore blacks do not need special protection by law. How sad is this? I wonder if this works for terrorism as well: I hereby declare, there is no more terrorism and as such we do not need surveillance anymore….
  • Talking about „minority rights“. Texas (again….) declares war on women by trying to eliminate abortion. Great stuff…
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