PhD Thesis on cyber war published

After almost a year my PhD Thesis „From cyber-utopia to cyber war: normative change in cyberspace“ is now digitally published. You can find and download it for free here. I am currently in the process of editing a short book version for those of you who still read  books. This will come out at a later point in time. The thesis is about the evolution of cyber war and how it become a political concept tackling digitalization. The meaning of the Internet in general changed. Originally, it was a technical vision of a packet-switched network for academia, then became a utopian hotspot for cyber punks until it merged into a liberal, market oriented domain. Meanwhile, in the shadows militaries and intelligence agencies militarized the Internet by developing and practicing information war and later cyber war. This produced a normative change: that the Internet is a battle space now is perceived as a norm.

The thesis can be found in the digital library of my university: or on my blog page. It is published under an open commons license, so feel free to check it out.

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